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Bogiron ore definition a deposit of impure limonite formed in low wet areas See more

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Define bog iron ore bog iron ore synonyms bog iron ore pronunciation bog iron ore translation english dictionary definition of bog iron ore n a soft porous deposit of impure hydrous oxides such as goethite formed in bogs marshes shallow lakes and swamps through precipitation from

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It is the main component of rust and bog iron ore goethites hardness ranges from 50 to 55 on the mohs scale and its specific gravity varies from 33 to 43 groundwater may be naturally deoxygenated by decaying vegetation in swamps and useful mineral deposits of bog iron ore have formed where that groundwater has historically emerged to be exposed to atmospheric oxygen

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Concretionary masses of bog iron ore occur at the contact of two clayey silts in the low cliffs at polcries lowland point lizard the lower clayey silt rests on weathered gabbro

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20091216ensp ensphello i live in a region that is rich in bog iron during the 1819 century a lot of this ore was mined here for the various high furnaces in operation from what i could gather in various books as soon as the 17 century it was considered an exellent ore with a low phosphorus and high iron conte

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2020529ensp enspbog ore is an ironrich sedimentary rock that was harvested locally from bogs and similar bodies of water it was also found in fields and meadows that used to be bogs bog ore is often considerably less than 50 iron the rest of the rock was made up of impurities that the workers had to remove gabbro was used as a fluxa way to purify the ore

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2020611ensp enspiron ore is collected either from the bog ore outcroppings from iron deposits or via a zombie ore minebog ore outcroppings can be found in the swamp and in the area directly north of the workyardthe only iron deposit at the moment can be found along the northern most cliff face north of the cabin in the woodsthe zombie ore mine is also located there

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2020818ensp enspthe iron ore deposits began forming when the first organisms capable of photosynthesis began releasing oxygen into the waters this oxygen immediately combined with the abundant dissolved iron to produce hematite or magnetite these minerals deposited on the sea floor in great abundance forming what are now known as the banded iron formations

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Analyzed bog iron ore samples show iron contents of up to 649 mass fe 2 o 3 equivalent to 454 mass fe whereas the iron contents of bloomery slags vary between 487 and 720 mass feo equivalent to 379 and 560 mass fe a principal component analysis of the element contents which were quantified by portable energydispersive xray

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Bog iron ore limnite meadow ore morass ore lake ore lacustrine ore swamp ore seeeisenerz raseneisenerz n sumpfeisenerz raseneisenstein m wiesenerz

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Bog iron ores are widespread accumulations of mainly hydroxidic iron minerals which have a strong affinity towards arsenic an occurrence of paleo bog iron ore known to be responsible for elevated

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20201113ensp enspbog iron ore prehistoric iron smelting geochemical fingerprinting prehistoric iron slags portable edxrf przeworsk culture 6 abstractbrspreading from the near east in the declining bronze age from the 2nd millennium bce onwards the technique of iron smelting reached eastern silesia poland in approximately the 2nd century bce preroman iron age

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202091ensp enspbog iron ore uncountable deposit of porous impure limonite found in bogs and swamps synonyms bog iron bog ore translations deposit

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2020114ensp enspbog iron ore is a type of impure iron deposit formed by chemical or biochemical oxidation of iron found in solution in bogs or swamps these iron ore consist of hydrated minerals of an iron oxide such as limonite and goethite produced by groundwater precipitation flowing into wetlands

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Bog iron ore see limonite limonite or brown hematite yellowish to dark brown mineral a hydrated oxide of iron feooh nh 2 o occurring commonly in deposits of secondary origin ie those formed by the alteration of minerals containing iron click the link for more information

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20201224ensp enspto find a working deposit of primary bog iron ore you need to find a small brook that tumbles downwards from the source bog once again a specific geography comes to play the tumbling of the brook over stones will inject oxygen into the stagnant bog water thus creating molecules of fe2o3 now comes the strange and not entirely understood part

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2017831ensp enspbogironore bog iron bog mine ore iron ore rhombohedral iron ore partially reduced iron ore green iron ore boiler boisterous a bdoiler b bdoisterous c bdoiled eggs d bdola

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2020513ensp enspthe bog iron deposits of northern and northeastern europe were created after the ice age ended on postglacial plains in russia bog ore was the principal source of iron until the 16th century when the superior ores of ural mountains became available streams carry dissolved iron from nearby mountains in the bog the iron is concentrated by

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Bog iron ore as a resource for prehistoric iron production in central europe a case study of thewidawa catchment area in eastern silesia poland april 2016 catena

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2020102ensp enspdescription application limonite is an iron ore consisting of a mixture of hydrated iron oxidehydroxides in varying compositionlimonite is one of the two principle iron ores the other being hematite and has been mined for the production of iron since at least 2500 bce limonite is named from the greek word for meadow in allusion to its occurrence as bog iron ore in meadows and marshes

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2020615ensp ensphuge deposits of bog iron in many lower lands formerly bogs allowed these areas not only to have an early iron production but also supplied rocks or stones for buildings a commodity also in short supply in these parts of the world however bog iron might be a rather inferior ore making iron and steel production more difficult

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20201218ensp enspprimary bog iron ore sample from st lunaire newfoundland after roasting there is no doubt that this is just one of several types of deposited primary bog iron ores i did find a small amount of a form of lake ore along the margins of larger bog pools down at

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Bog iron ore see limonite limonite or brown hematite yellowish to dark brown mineral a hydrated oxide of iron feooh nh 2 o occurring commonly in deposits of secondary origin ie those formed by the alteration of minerals containing iron click the link for more information bog iron ore b g rn r

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Bog iron is a type of iron ore composed of mostly mineral goethite and other ironbearing minerals with impurities like clay or plant debris bog iron is typically rustcolored and composed of limonite it is a mixture of ironbearing minerals most important of them is

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201721ensp enspbog iron ore finds from the study area originate from the wetter margins of the widawa floodplain as is also described in general by w nsche 2007 and for lusatia germany by koschke 2002 outside the lowlands no bog iron ores or iron concretions were detected in

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2020613ensp enspin some regions particularly sweden iron ore rather than bog iron was the raw material for smelting the ore was in the form of red earth rau i a powdery ocherregardless of the source the raw materials were usually roasted to drive off moisture before being smelted