extraction of copper from copper matte

2020530ensp enspAnswer Silica SiO2 is used in the processes of smelting of copper pyrite CuFeS2 ore and in conversion of produced copper matte refined copper sulfide into a crude metal as a flux purifying agent The iron sulfide is also converted into molten slag reaction is shown above

Extraction Of Copper At Elevated Feed Concentrations

20151216ensp enspextraction of copper at elevated feed concentrations re molnar n verbaan sgs abstract a number of flowsheets have been designed and operated or are currently being considered to extract copper from leach solutions having much more copper than the 4 gl levels typically found in heap leach liquors

Metallographic Preparation Of Copper Application Notes

2020211ensp ensp1 copper matte 75 cu in this first smelting process for extraction copper concentrates mainly chalcopyrite cufes 2 are roasted and melted with fluxes in an oxygen flash furnace to matte copper matte is a mixture of copper sulphide and iron sulphide and contains approx 75 copper 2 blister copper 9698 cu

Ammoniacal Extraction Of Copper From Metallic

This matte is then converted the blister copper cast into anodes and the anodes refined electrolytically as in conventional copper refining practice however the setting up of a plant to operate such a process is scarcely economically practicable in the context of a zinclead blast furnace since the amounts of copper arising in such a

Oxidation Potentials In Matte Smelting Of Copper And

The oxidation potential given as the baseten logarithm of the oxygen partial pressure in bars and the temperature log po sub 2 sub t c defines the state of oxidation of pyrometallurgical extraction and refining processes this property varies from copper making 61150 to leadzinc smelting 101200 to iron smelting 131600 the current article extends the analysis to

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Especially for copper and cobalt solvent extractions are already established unit operations for the extraction of copper oximes are the most common extractants for the extraction of cobalt from sulfate solutions phosphonic acids are used in this work the usage of solvent extraction for copper and cobalt is investigated 10 16 17

Why Copper Matte Is Put In Silica Lined Converter

Copper matte contains cu 2 s and fes copper matte is put in a silicalined converter to remove the remaining feo and fes present in the matte as slag fesio 3 also some silica is added to the silicalined converter then a hot air blast is blown as a result the remaining fes and feo are converted to iron silicate fesio 3 and cu 2 s is

Direct Electrochemical Reduction Of Copper Sulfide In

2019928ensp enspl kartal et al direct electrochemical reduction of copper sulfide in molten borax 993 prevent greenhouse gas emissions from the reduction of oxidebased compounds inert anode development studies have been accelerated compelled by environmental laws 9

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Matte crude mixture of molten sulfides formed as an intermediate product of the smelting of sulfide ores of metals especially copper nickel and leadinstead of being smelted directly to metal copper ores are usually smelted to matte preferably containing 4045 percent copper along with iron and sulfur which is then treated by converting in a bessemertype converter

Extractive Metallurgy Of Copper William G

This new edition has been extensively revised and updated since the 3rd edition published in 1994 it contains an even greater depth of industrial information focussing on how copper metal is extracted from ore and scrap and how this extraction could be made more efficient modern high intensity smelting processes are presented in detail specifically flash contop isasmelt noranda

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Copper price occurrence extraction and use copper latin cuprum is a chemical element with the element symbol cu and the atomic number 29 it is a transition metal in the periodic table it is in the 4 period and the 1 subgroup after new count group 11 or copper group

Separation Method Of Coppernickel Nis Matte

The obtained molten salt can be used up to four times for extraction from matte copper the content of which in chloride melt is increased to 700 wt sulfur to 150 wt sodium chloride to 14 wt loss of sodium chloride by evaporation in a single operation does not exceed 05 to 10 wt

Extraction Of Copper From Aqueous Solutions

Extraction of copper from aqueous solution comprising contacting the extractant and the solution stirring the mixture settling and separation of the phases characterized in that the extractant used vegetable oil and the extraction is carried out at ph 4 and the regulation of ph in a period of not more than 45 hours

Copper Removal From Steel Scrap Using A Sulfur Matte

2018613ensp ensp1 the equillbrlum copper sulphide content in the mane at 1000 c is approximately 50 for a matte with a starting iron sulphide content of 82 2 the equilibrium copper sulphide content in the matte decreases with decreasing temperature and increasing sodium sulphide content in the matte 3

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2020818ensp enspleaching of nickelcopper converter matte from the perspective of thermodynamics and kinetics245 sherritt gordons leaching system cuso 4h 2 so 4o 2 as one of the selectively oxidative leaching technologies has been used for the extraction of ni cu and co in some metallurgical plants68 the selective leaching for nicu

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2012327ensp enspa metallograph of a the copper cooling element after immersion in copper matte and b nickelplated copper cooler immersed in copper matte b 2 cm figure 4 cooling elements after immersion in copper matte during 15 h at 1150 c a copper cooler and b 4 wt al alloy cooler

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The text first provides an overview of the metallurgical process of copper extraction and then proceeds to presenting the stepbystep representation of the whole process of copper extraction the coverage of the book includes mineral beneficiation roasting smelting converting refining casting and quality control

Thermodynamic Consideration Of Copper Matte

Matte grade this parameter is defined as the cu content in the matte in wt in practice matte grade is increased by increasing the oxygen partial pressure in the system leading to oxidation of less noble elements than copper and therefore removal of these elements from the matte one of the main smelting reactions is given by

Thermodynamic Consideration Of Copper Matte

Copper loss that is function copper solubility and slag volume in the silica saturated sio2feox binary slag is minimally equilibrated with less than 66 copper matte while copper loss in the 50

Acid Leaching Process For Treating High

Nickel and copper values are separately recovered from coppernickelsulphide matte by means of a multistage acid leach process the matte is treated in a first leaching stage in which the acid to acidreactive metals molar ratio and leaching time are controlled to selectively extract the bulk of the nickel values while the copper values remain in the leach residue

Oxidation Potentials In Matte Smelting Of Copper And

The results obtained under controlled po2 and ps2 as well as constant pso2 01 atm show that copper and nickel solubilities in the slag as well as mattetoslag distributions favour matte

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Slag is less dense than matte so it forms a layer that floats on top of the matte 19 copper can be lost from the matte in three ways as cuprous oxide cu 2 o dissolved in the slag 20 as sulfide copper dissolved in the slag 21 or as tiny droplets or prills of matte suspended in the slag 22 23

Extraction Of Copper From Copper Pyrite Grade 12

20201225ensp enspfig blast furnace for extraction of copper bassemerisation the molten matte is mixed with little silica and charged into a bessemer converter lined internally by basic lining of cao or mgo hot air is blown into the mixture which converts remaining fes

Metallurgy Of Copperextraction Of Copper

2012724ensp enspcopper metal is extracted from molten matte through bessemerization the matte is introduced in to bessemer converter which uphold by tuyers the air is blown through the molten matte blast of air converts cu2s partly into cu2o which reacts with remaining cu2s to give molten copper

What Is The Composition Of Copper Matte

Copper matte is the mixture of copper sulphide c u 2 s and some iron sulphide f e s matte is the phase where copper is extracted prior to the final reduction the roasted ore is mixed with coke and silica sand s i o 2 and is introduced in to a blast furnace the hot air is blasted and f e o is converted in to ferrous silicate f e s i o 3

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20201217ensp enspso extraction of copper from it becomes very difficult amp it is a lengthy process becausei it contains many impurities in such a high amount that the percentage of copper in it becomes only 23 ii copper has more affinity to sulphur than fe

Process Development For The Separation And Recovery

200761ensp enspextraction of copper from sulphate liquor of synthetic cunicofe matte using 40 vol lix 84 and lix 973n in kerosene at unit phase ratio indicated percentage extraction of