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StopeandPillar Design for the Elliot Lake Uranium Mines CIM Bulletin 1972 D G F HEDLEY and F GRANT Research Scientists Mining Research Centre Mines Branch Department of Energy Mines and Resources Elliot Lake Laboratory Elliot Lake Ontario In 1958 the Ontario Department of Mines appointed a committee to study the accident

Stability Of Stope Structure Under Different Mining

The ore body has a great influence on the stability of surrounding rock and mining safety under different mining modes and the reasonable selection of mining mode depends on other characteristics such as ore structure surface feature rock mass mechanical property and ground stress distribution given the insufficient mining research data this study establishes a 3d model by using the

Evaluation Of Bord And Pillar Mining System In

2010513ensp enspmining and its development correlate closely with cultural progress mining processes involve prospecting for ore bodies analysis of the profit potential of a proposed mine extraction of the desired materials one of such methods is the bord and pillar method of mining bord and pillar method of mining is one of the oldest methods of mining

Bordandpillar Mining In Inclined Orebodies

2009827ensp ensppillar mining is thus considered as a supplement to conventional mining which accounts for the majority of current mining operations on amandelbult bordandpillar mining is applicable to horizontal to flat dipping thin tabular orebodies where the surrounding hangingwall and the ore itself are

Stability Of Stope Structure Under Different Mining Methods

S tability of stope structure under different mining methods k ang z hao x iang y u s huijie g u y ajing y an y ongjun z hang t ianyuan s uo jiaolong h ao 1946 journal of v ibroengineeringn ovember 2019 v olume 21 issue 7 2 influence of stope structur al parameters on stability the design of the stope structural parameters in roompillar mining

Stability Assessment Of Open Stope Under Overlaying

Stability assessment is one of the most important issues in mining ground control mine development andor production instability can cause production delay loss of reserves as well as injury to miners within the scope of this study a series of open stopes instability under the influence of overlaying minedout regions were carried out with different mining scenarios at modi taung gold

Eagle Mine Phase 4 Crown Pillar Engineering

201978ensp enspcrown pillar footprint is not of concern and as such stability assessments have focused on an open ground effect eg stopebystope stability assessment as opposed to overall crown pillar footprint the justification for this approach is that the stope walls are stable for the range of conditions encountered at eagle mine

Variations In Ultradeep Narrow Reef Stoping

2009827ensp enspstope cooling can be achieved for example this may involve a greater or lesser use of the following more ventilation at stope inlet colder ventilation at stope inlet cold mining water and free discharge over rock surfaces instope air coolers ever since the introduction of

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Define stope stope synonyms stope pronunciation stope translation english dictionary definition of stope using a stoping dilution at 20 165gt au and a stope recovery of 85 mining studies estimated an extraction of 63 of this resource from development and stoping stope hoist stope pillar stoped stoped stoped stoped

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20111023ensp enspmining methods 1 mining methods for s teeply dipping and massive deposits 2 mining methods for s teeply dipping and massive deposits self supported methods sublevel caving block caving induced block caving sublevel stoping undercut and fill stoping squareset stoping cutandfill stoping shrinkage stoping with caving of overburden without caving of overburden supported methods large

Stopeandpillar Design For The Elliot Lake Uranium

This information has been used to evaluate pillar design as effected by pillar width and height depth below surface extraction and premining stress fields the resultant design of pillar widths and corresponding extraction as the depth increased is in line with past and present experience in

Stope Structural Parameters Of Panel Isolation Pillar

Stope structure parameters of panel isolated pillar have been determined to be reasonably determined to safely and efficiently recover panel isolated pillar at the same time stope and pillar stopes safe and efficient have been sure in the first mining area

Handout7noncoal Application Of Room And Pillar Mining

201361ensp enspnoncoal application of room and pillar mining stope and pillar mining see pages 4553 159214 of the textbook techniques in underground mining applications large flat or nearly flat deposits less than 30 degree dip

Pillar Strength In Underground Stone Mines In The United

2012830ensp ensppass benchmining of onthe oor may be carried out the function of pillars in roomandpillar mines is to provide spacing both local and global stability local stability is conditionsdened as the provision of stable ribs pillar 9walls and stable roof conditions allowing safe access to working areas falls of ground from the the

Crown Pillar Mining Action Group

Lundin mining acknowledges in their most recent technical report on eagle mine that due to the location of the mine under a significant wetlands area and overburden cover a crown pillar is necessary for the eagle mine to prevent surface subsidence andor largescale collapse the precise thickness and strength of the mines crown

Stope And Pillar Mining Mc World

2172016 stopeandpillar mining a stope is a production opening in a metal mine is a similar method used in noncoal mines where thicker more irregular ore bodies occur the pillars are spaced randomly and located in lowgrade ore so that the highgrade ore can be extracted

Geotechnical Approach To Stope And Pillar Optimisation At

Mining methods at gsgm are based on variations of a longhole open stope and room and pillar method there is no planned backfill this methodology was originally proposed due to the flat lying nature of the ore lodes the mining methods used are inclined room and pillar transverse longhole open stoping longhole wall slash

Stope Structural Parameters Of Panel Isolation Pillar

In order to take full advantage of the mineral resources and improve resource utilizationit is an important to be considered for a large copper mine to effectively recover temporary panel isolation pillarstope structure parameters of panel isolated pillar have been

Designing An Optimal Stope Layout For Underground

201591ensp enspan illustration of the stope and pillar layout notations moreover if a mining block is shared among a number of possible stopes ie the mining block exists in more than one stope sets such combinations are categorized as overlapping stopes physical mining constraint restricts the generation of overlapping stopes and accordingly avoiding

Open Stoping Mining Britannica

20201226ensp enspother articles where open stoping is discussed stoping the operation is known as open stoping a common openstoping method is roomandpillar mining in which pillars of ore are left standing to support the rock over a flatlying ore body

Stoping Mining Methods Metallurgist Amp Mineral

2 ensp ensptable of contentsstoping methodsclassification of stoping methodsstopes naturally supported open stopesstopes artificially supportedshrinkage stopingcut amp fill stopingstulled stopes in narrow veinssquareset stopingcaved stopes mining methodmining by block caving miningmining by sublevel cavingtop slicing mining methodcombinations of supported and caved stopes the subject of

Stope And Pillar Mining

Stope and pillar mining taking luohe iron mine as an examplethe affecting factors of pillar stability were analyed with the methods of mechanical theory and orthogonal sensitivity analysis it obtained that the width of pillar and stope was the main factor for pillar stability then overburden

Stope And Pillar Mining Mc World

Stopeandpillar mining a stope is a production opening in a metal mine is a similar method used in noncoal mines where thicker more irregular ore bodies occur the pillars are spaced randomly and located in lowgrade ore so that the highgrade ore can be extracted underground mining

Stope Mining Britannica

There are two steps involved in stoping the first is developmentthat is preparing the ore blocks for miningand the second is production or stoping itself ore development is generally much more expensive on a perton basis than stoping so that every effort read

Stability Of The Pillar And Stope Structure Of Optimization Of

At the same timethe stope structural parameters of 10 m room and 8 m pillar are recommended so as to ensure the mining safety the relevant research can provide theoretical and technical guidance for the underground mining of the deep ore body or similar mines

Pdf Rib Pillar Design In Open Stope Mining

The approach involves an empirical method for pillar design and a discusion of the pillar stability used for open stope mining methods the empirical method predicts the stability of rib pillars

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2019628ensp ensproom and pillar is an underground mining method that has applications to a wide variety of hardrock deposits worldwide it is commonly classified as an openstoping method meaning that development involves mining out underground cavities while leaving the surrounding unmined waste or ore as primary support

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Open stope mining is the most common mining method employed in underground hard rock mines in canada it is characterised by relatively small single lift stopes 20000 to 100000 tonnes and