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Science news Bolivias lawmakers have approved Miracle Mineral Solution a toxic bleach as a treatment for COVID19 Only the president can stop it becoming law

Dont Treat Coronavirus With Bleach Or Miracle Mineral

Miracle mineral solution or mms in 2015 i began working with an amazing group of people from all over the world to raise awareness about the use of miracle mineral solution mms an enema to cure autism mms is actually chlorine dioxide cd an industrial strength bleach

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2020821ensp enspmiracle mineral supplement often referred to as miracle mineral solution or mms is bleach the name given by its promoter former scientologist and sometime colonel sanders lookalike jim humble c 1933 to an aqueous solution of 28 sodium chlorite naclo 2 a toxic industrial chemical known to cause fatal renal failure in distilled water prepared in a citric acid solution resulting

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We present a case report of a 41yearold woman of malay ethnicity who presented with an 11day history of fever and leftsided lymphadenopathy after consuming miracle mineral solution sodium chlorite solution for the first time a diagnosis of kikuchifujimoto disease was established via lymph node biopsy after other differentials were excluded

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2019816ensp enspthe acting commissioner of the fda ned sharpless said that miracle mineral solution and similar products are not fdaapproved and ingesting these products is the same as drinking bleach

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In addition theres also something called mms or miracle mineral solution and the word miracle in the name should be a big red flag about its efficacy the solution is 28 percent sodium chlorite mixed in distilled water and there are reports that its being sold online for 900 per gallon or

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2015531ensp enspmiracle mineral solution is being peddled for an even wider array of conditions than that on the internet chronic obstructive pulmonary disease copd autism spectrum conditions herpes dog bites root canal gangrene urinary tract infections hpv warts eczema influenza diabetes chronic fatigue syndrome alzheimers disease whooping

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Master mineral solution mms or wps solution why has this product become so popular chlorine dioxide is a powerful anti microbial compound that has a long history of use mostly known for its ability to sanitize drinking water the last 60 years being the primary chemical used in municipal water supplies

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This impressive compound more commonly known as mms or the miracle mineral supplement has been around now for close to a decade and was discovered perhaps 6 decades ago amp has been used ever since as a water purification product why is chlorine dioxide so potent this potent little molecule has long been used in the water purification industry for making municipal water safe to

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200799ensp enspmms demystified delicious tags alternative health chlorine dioxide detox chelation healing heavy metals it was in august of 2007 that i had my first experience with something wonderful that has implications for every one of us its known as mms or the miracle mineral supplement but its no miracle its just the wonderful use of chemistry

Bolivias Senate Approved Miracle Mineral Solution

The substance known as miracle mineral solution is advocated as a cure for a vast array of illnesses by a sprawling movement of online advocates four of whom are being prosecuted in florida senators approved the substance despite medical warnings including from

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Miracle mineral solution the woofilled gift that keeps on giving bioblog alison campbell nov 03 2016 bleach miracle mineral solution mms pseudoscience science and society ive written before about the socalled miracle mineral solution aka mms here for example but i

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2019813ensp enspmiracle mineral solution and similar products are not fdaapproved and ingesting these products is the same as drinking bleach fda acting commissioner ned

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Miracle mineral solution is an industrialstrength bleach as far as i know it has no proven benefits and obviously ingesting concentrated industrialstrength bleach or worse taking it as an enema can cause harm it has been sold by the genesis ii church both as a sacrament and as a miracle

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Rutgers poison control expert available to discuss the fdas warning about miracle mineral solution a rutgers university poison control expert is available to discuss the us food and drug administrations warning to consumers about miracle or master mineral solution or other sodium chlorite products which are not approved by the fda but are sold online as treatments

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Artigo original antivacina fosfoetanolamina e mineral miracle solution mms mapeamento de fake sciences ligadas sa de no facebook 91 abstract from a multimethod approach based on qualitative research of nonparticipant observation content analysis and snowballing techniques with algorithmic recommendation the purpose of this article is

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Fda warns against using miracle mineral solution cdc national prevention information network aug 4 2010 the food and drug administration is warning consumers to immediately discontinue use of a supplement claiming to treat a range of diseases from hiv to hepatitis following reports it

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This can affect the quality of life and as a result you will find yourself looking for a solution there is a chance that mms is the solution you have been looking for so with that being said you might consider mms to be a miracle and the creator of mms has stated many times that it is nothing close to a miracle but rather an act of science

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Miracle mineral solution which is sold online as a medical treatment can cause serious and potentially lifethreatening health problems and should not be bought or used by consumers the us

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2020831ensp enspthe miracle mineral solution you purchase online is sodium chlorite you are supposed to mix this with citrus fruit and then consume it what happens is that the acid in the citrus fruit combines with the sodium chlorite and produces highly toxic chlorine dioxide this is industrial bleach

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Science why the fda is warning people not to drink miracle mineral solution it also advocates against vaccinations and xrays claiming its miracle mineral solution will cure autism hiv

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Seller of miracle mineral solution gets 51 months in prison november 16 2015 january 12 2017 emilskeptic bleach chlorine dioxide science resources principles of epidemiology in public health practice august 6 2020 emilskeptic 0

Bolivias Senate Approved Miracle Mineral Solution

Chlorine dioxide is known by its advocates as miracle mineral solution or mms it has for years been promoted on the fringes of the internet as a cure for conditions as wideranging as cancer

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20201224ensp enspthe products are known by various names including miracle or master mineral solution miracle mineral supplement mms chlorine dioxide cd protocol and water purification solution

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20201116ensp enspmiracle mineral supplement is a solution composed of sodium chlorite and distilled water that is claimed to fight everything from the common cold to cancer even though miracle mineral supplement is championed by many natural physicians and is available on the market its safety and benefits are often questioned

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This is why when i heard about miracle mineral solution mms sometimes called master mineral solution or miracle mineral supplement and the cd protocol i felt i had to write about it plenty of others have written about this and tried to warn people but this is one of those times that i feel that the more people that talk

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2 ensp enspmiracle mineral supplements 2016 website lists the maladies that can be helped by bleach therapy in addition to autism according to the website mms can treat and cure cancer the flu hivaids herpes malaria problems of the mouth gum and teeth sinuses constipation burns fungus infections ebola staph infections eczema and

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20201226ensp enspmms is a 28 solution of sodium chlorite in water it is the presence of sodium which has nothing to do with the supposed workings of the product that classifies it as a mineral solution now on to the miracle part mms has to be activated by adding citric acid

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Miracle mineral solution renamed master mineral solution in 2010 known as one of the greatest health discoveries in history amongst those informed was discovered as an effective solution for malaria by archbishop jim humble in 1996 contents 1 the deceptive mms article get price

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Billed as a treatment for myriad health problems miracle mineral solution is no miracle in august of 2019 the united states food and drug administration issued a stark warning to consumers

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2019814ensp enspyou wouldnt think that the fda would have to warn the public against drinking industrial strength bleach but that is the world we are living inthey write miracle mineral solution has not been approved by the fda for any use but these products continue to be promoted on social media as a remedy for treating autism cancer hivaids hepatitis and flu among other conditions