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Kokkol Ore Final Fantasy Wiki Fandom

20201221ensp ensptopquality ore named after the artisan kokkoldescription kokkol ore kukuro kseki is an item in final fantasy iv the after years it is a sample of rare ore found in hidden places throughout rydias tale and is named for the blacksmith kokkol from the original game who has passed away by the events of the sequel 1 locations 2 trade 3 optimal trades 4 etymology

Ids Aground Wiki Fandom

20201226ensp enspin order to use most commands you need to input an id of the correct type and possibly other variables depending on the command so that the game knows what you want this page lists all of the ids in the game 1 items 2 objects 21 npcs 22 vehicles 23 trees 24 enemies and bosses 25 platformer minigame pickups 3 achievements 4 quests 5 structures 6 areas 7 music and track 8

Ocarina Of Time Gold Skulltulas Zelda Dungeon Wiki

20201223ensp enspgold skulltula 36 way back inside of the great deku tree there was a room in the first basement at the northwest corner of the map that we previously never entered burn the spider web and then blast the boulder away with a bomb inside you will find a gold skulltula on the wall use the boomerang to snag the token

Lunar Isle Mine Darkscape Wiki Fandom

2016224ensp enspthe lunar isle mine is located in the northeastern part of lunar isleit is the location that vfound the stone of jas and as such contains a pure essence rock in the centre it also contains the only known place to mine lunar ore in addition to gem rocks just like in shilo village cyrisus can be found wounded in a nearby cave accessible through a crack starting the dream mentor quest

Bleakrock Isle Elder Scrolls Online Wiki

20201210ensp enspbleakrock isle is a location in elder scrolls onlinethe small garrison stationed in this frozen remote ebonheart pact outpost keep watch on the seas for invading ships this area was originally designed for players levels 45 but has become battle leveled with one tamriel bleakrock isle has the following overland sets armor of the trainee set

Treasure Chests The Sea Of Thieves Wiki

2020913ensp ensptreasure chests are a type of treasure that can be found all over sea of thieves these chests are locked with magical unbreakable locks that can only be opened by the gold hoarders who have the skeleton keys for these chests gold hoarders representatives on outposts are willing to offer gold reputation and emissary value for these chests 1 mechanics 11 where to find 12 emissary

Ancient Vaults The Sea Of Thieves Wiki

20201121ensp enspancient vaults are vaults built by the ancients hidden on islands in sea of thieves these vaults are themed around certain totems and can be opened by corresponding totem keys or treasure vault keys the vaults can be accessed during tall tales with the totem key quest items and outside tall tales with the help of treasure vault keys that can be tracked and found during wayfinder

Castle Age Wiki Fandom

20201225ensp enspthe unofficial wiki about the facebook and ios game castle age started on october 23 2009 the wiki currently has 1056 articles our goal is to become one of the best sources for castle age information we can with the help from editors like you alpha chest artanis chimerus crom mephistopheles ophelia orc king savannah serra silverlight stone guardian sylvanas the

Guild Hall Guild Wars 2 Wiki Gw2w

2020129ensp enspin the depths of the maguuma jungle beneath a city of gold there lies a hidden cavern it is a place of ancient and powerful magic built unknowable years ago by the exalted it has been long abandoned yet power still hums within the walls we dont know what magic enchants the cavern nor do we know its purpose

Underworld Official Forsaken Isle Wiki

20161225ensp enspthe underworld biome is the final bottom most level a player can traverse to in the game it is accessible only through the portal found south of the minotaurs maze and can only be accessed after the construction of the minertaur a pickaxe with the ability to break obsidian the underworld is a firey inferno lava obsidian and the coveted flamerite ore are abundant here as well as

Items Paradise Bay Wiki Fandom

20201221ensp ensp1 resources and manufactured items 2 special event resources and manufactured items 3 merchant traders items 4 tools 5 maps 6 bazaar specific items 7 pet sanctuary specific items 8 untradable items 9 retired items see here for retired items

Boreas Treasure Room Divinity Wiki Fandom

20201225ensp enspboreas treasure room is a location in divinity original sin you can access the treasure room after you have defeated king boreas in eternal winter acquire forgotten language of faery from victoria the orc librarian in cyseal head back to the castle and speak to the most northeastern sentry along the wall next to the earth statue it looks like the other generic sentries along the walls

Newid Isle Dragon Quest Wiki Fandom

20201224ensp enspnewid isle is an island in the center of the world of dragon quest ix it is the home of alltrades abbey and port llaffan 1 area of interest 2 monsters in the area 21 notable monster 22 high plateau 3 material gathering 4 trivia 5 other languages alltrades abbey tower of trades porth llaffan tywll cave cuddiedig cliff note quest 039 must be completed to access this elevated area the

The Wind Waker Treasure Charts Zelda Dungeon Wiki

2020510ensp enspthe wind waker features 46 treasure charts scattered across the great sea in the nintendo wii u version the nintendo gamecube version only has 41 treasure charts with the last 5 being exclusive to the wii u version a complete listing of all treasure charts the chart locations how to obtain them their treasure locations and the actual treasure rewards can be found below

Meldspar Ore Monster Hunter World Wiki

20201215ensp enspmeldspar ore in monster hunter world mhw iceborne is a master rank material these useful parts are gathered and collected by hunters in order to improve their equipment and performance out in the field ore often found in the rotten vale malleable but strong it is broadly used in creating alloys for crafting how to get meldspar ore

Midnight Helix Dragons Dogma Wiki Fandom

20201225ensp enspmidnight helix is a location in dragons dogma dark arisen 1 description 2 enemies 3 quests 4 loot 41 chests 5 pawn chatter 6 notes accessed from the ward of regret the midnight helix does not connect to other dungeons as the name implies the midnight helix is a circular room with wooden bridges hanging metal cages numerous hanging bodies and a crumbling staircase that

Duskmoon Tower Dragons Dogma Wiki Fandom

20201225ensp enspduskmoon tower is a location in dragons dogma dark arisen 1 overview 2 inhabitants 3 quests 4 loot 41 chests 5 notes duskmoon tower is an area located on bitterblack isle initially accessed from the garden of ignominy the duskmoon tower connects to the rotunda of dread the ward of regret and the vault of defiled truth on the first floor the door to the vault requires a void

Islands Wikia Fandom

20201226ensp enspthe islands wikia is an encyclopedia dedicated to the roblox game islands created by the group easygg and first released on april 24 2020here you can find information about items learn the functionality for different machines and more community staff discussions discord

Revival Isle Wonderland Online Wiki Fandom

2020129ensp ensp1 npcs in the area 2 quests 3 cutting mining collecting 4 gold chest x 1622 y 1795 go to part of the land that is parallel to the entrance there you will find the gold treasure chest also there is a second gold treasure chest at x 3642 y 1155

Ore Seller Runescape Wiki Fandom

20201224ensp ensprelease date 23 august 2005 update members yes minimap icon none location keldagrim owner ordan specialty ore view talk the ore seller is a mining shop that sells ore it is run by ordan it is located downstairs in the blast furnace the shop is restocked by the dwarves that enter the room and deliver ore to the shop the maximum stock restocked by the dwarves is 100 and any

Gold Bar Official Conan Exiles Wiki

20201113ensp enspmerchants and kings alike will tell you that gold is more powerful than any sorcery it is gold that keeps bellies full armies equipped and the commoners entertained a pauper may be free but gold offers an entirely different type of freedom gold is too soft to be used in the forging of weapons but it is a highly sought after alchemical ingredient it can be ground into a fine dust and

Gold Coin Official Conan Exiles Wiki

20201113ensp enspthis coin is made of gold these coins are of dubious mercantile value but can probably be melted down to obtain base metals gold coins gold bars silver coins and silver bars can be obtained from underwater treasure chests in the open sea on the east gold coins and silver coins can be obtained from chests at the bottom of executioners entrance 1 item is not consumed

Digging Risen Wiki Fandom

20201221ensp ensp1 locations 11 dons camp 12 monastery 13 harbour town 14 northernmost high priest temple chapter 4 15 unverified 2 console to start digging you must obtain a shovel these can be found in various locations around faranga digging spots are usually sandy coloured areas on the ground these treasure chests are not part of pattys quest trying to find her fathers hidden riches

Smithing Risen Wiki Fandom

201833ensp enspcontentsshow smithing is a great skill to have for any class especially melee fighters it allows player to craft powerful artifacts and swords it can be a good source of money as well trainers oscar bandit camp available after golden fragments for oscar is completed karlsen volcano keep walter merchants district within harbour town available after walter needs a break is

Gold Ore Treasure Isle Wiki Fandom

201233ensp enspthe gold ore set is a set of treasures consisting of five collectibles basalt granite lava river rock and sandstone treasure isle wiki is a fandom games community view mobile site fandomshop fandom ig galaxyquest

Treasures Treasure Isle Wiki Fandom

2010929ensp enspin treasure isle you can expand and decorate your island gather gems and gold from your own island visit your neighbors islands to gather gold and gems and do maintenance and explore exotic islands on each exotic island you can find treasures that make up various sets as follows set namerarity items tiki statues uncommon mountain god wind god sea god forest god rain god

Gold Coin Jewelry Treasure Isle Wiki Fandom

2012818ensp enspthe gold coin jewelry set is a set of treasures consisting of five collectibles a bracelet earrings face veil necklace and a ring treasure isle wiki is a fandom games community view mobile site jokeypsych endgamehonest galaxyquest

Gold Ore Forsaken Isle Wiki Fandom

20151231ensp enspgold ore is a resource found underground on the second and third layer that can be mined with a pickaxe from a gold ore deposit see also ores gold ore deposit gold ingot coal pickaxe mining forsaken isle wiki is a fandom games community view mobile site

Treasure Isle Golden Sun Universe Fandom

20201226ensp ensptreasure isle the island at the northeastern corner of the world of weyard treasure isle is an optional dungeonstyle location found way out near the top of the great eastern sea in golden sun the lost ageit is essentially two dungeons in a row with one much harder and accessible much later than the other the easier first part can be explored as soon as felix gets the grindstone and its

Treasures Treasure Isle Wiki Fandom

2012731ensp ensptreasures are various collectibles that are each part of a 5piece collection if you found all 5 items of a collection you can trade them in for coins and more importantly for xp not every item in a collection can be dug up if you do not find all the items the